Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

Hi Friends!

Have you guys figured out I'm a HUGE Beatles fan yet? LOL

Anywho..I say that because I needed some help with today's card:
I find myself using the same old color combos over and over again, so today I decided I needed something FRESH.
So I turned to my good friend, The Color Coach
I knew I wanted to use some Pink Pirouette (mostly because I have this gigantic spool of ribbon I've never opened.)  So I flipped to the Pink Pirouette card in the color coach and on the back there are 2 sets of color combinations.
1) Is the CREATIVE COMBINATION:  A balanced combination of 3 colors
2) An alternate suggestion called THE SWEET SET, which is what I used to create this card.
I had my card stock all cut up and my layout figured out.
I stamped the butterflies onto the Sahara Sand and ran it through the Big Shot using the Perfect Polka Dots embossing folder.
Well wouldn't you just know it?  I embossed the wrong dang side...the bumps were on the back!
That was not the look I was going for needless to say.

Then a little voice in my head (yes, I do hear voices and talk back to them because they too are my friends..LOL) said, "If you make a mistake, just flip it over"!

Okay, that applies to ink mistakes because our cradstock is so nice and thick that your booboos don't show through.  But what about embossing?

So I flipped it over (the correct side up this time) and ran it back through once more.
EUREKA! This is what I got...Cool, eh?
Alright, I know it's not like discovering Penicillin or anything, but I thought it was a good change.

And if you just need to hear the song...Here ya go:)


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